Debark Supervisor

Position Summary

Debark Supervisor will be responsible for supervising all aspects of the debark process on ship turn days.  This position will supervise 6-10 Guest Service Representatives and ensure that they are following TWIC regulations and guidelines. Debark Supervisor will supervise operations on both the cruise ship dock and in the terminal.  Position works with the Facility Security Officer (FSO) to ensure security procedures are followed throughout debark process and reports any issues to the FSO.  Position also works with the Stevedore Superintendent (or Foreman) to resolve any luggage transfer issues. Debark Supervisor is responsible for monitoring all logistical issues that may occur during the debark process and communicating with Anchorage office to resolve any issues.  Debark Supervisor is responsible for resolving any guest related issues that occur during the debark procedure.  THIS IS A PART TIME POSITION 2-3 DAYS PER WEEK BASED ON CRUISE SHIP SCHEDULE.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Primary responsibilities of Debark Supervisor include but are not limited to:

  • Supervise 6-10 Guest Service Representatives

  • Ensure that all staff are following TWIC regulations

  • Work with Alaska Railroad (ARR) staff to ensure smooth and timely embarkation of the cruise train and ensure that it departs terminal on schedule.  Provide ARR staff with accurate manifest for cruise train

  • Work with cruise ship staff to ensure that the debark process is completed according to the debark timeline

  • Work with cruise ship staff to resolve any guest related issues that involve the ship. Also will work with ship staff to locate guests who are missing from transfer or tour coaches

  • Resolve any guest related issues

  • Responsible for ensuring timely departure of transfer motorcoaches from the dock

  • Work with Tour Directors and Coach Drivers to load tour motorcoaches

  • Work closely with Security FSO to maintain security on the dock and in the terminal. Report any issues to the FSO

  • Work with the Stevedore Superintendent or Foreman to resolve any luggage transfer issues

  • Ensure that all debark staff are following safety procedures and make safety the #1 priority on the dock

  • Ensure Google Sheets updated with motorcoach and truck departure times so that Anchorage operations is aware of their ETA to Anchorage

  • Report any issues that could affect the operations to the Manager-On-Duty (MOD) and other appropriate staff as needed

  • Provide a summary of the debark process to the Pier Supervisor so that information can be included on Ship Turn Report


Minimum Qualifications

Debark Supervisor must meet the following criteria in order to be considered as an applicant:

  • Must be at least 21 years of age

  • Must be a US Citizen or able to provide verification of authorization to work in the US

  • Must be able to obtain a TWIC card

  • Must be able to handle baggage and able to lift 50 - 75 pounds repeatedly

  • Must be able supervise other staff and encourage a team environment with other company employees, shipboard personnel, terminal security staff and longshore staff

  • Must be able to multi-task and be aware of everything that is occurring during the debark process. Allow staff to work independently but know what is happening

  • Have excellent guest service skills with the ability to communicate effectively

  • Ability to respond to and provide solutions for issues that might come up during the debark process.  If these are major issues that can affect more than just the operation in Seward, communicate with the MOD and Anchorage office

  • Ability to respond and provide solutions for common inquiries or complaints from guest

  • Ability to work outdoors in a variety of weather conditions as well as stand for extended periods of time

  • Must provide a valid driver’s license with an acceptable driving record that meets the PAT standard

  • Knowledge of Alaska Cruise /Tourism industry preferred


This position wage is D.O.E