Make the most of your summer


Your Alaska summer adventure...

...begins here.  Mountains, wildlife and some of the most scenic views in North America are all in a days work. You've always dreamed of coming to Alaska why not spend an entire summer? Come experience the real Alaska, in-depth, while earning a lucrative income at the same time! 

Premier Alaska Tours (PAT) is an Alaska based land tour operator owned and operated by a team of intriguing Alaskans who love their hobby of providing guests with dynamic tour packages. Because we believe the best tour products are created and delivered with passion, we seek employees who love Alaska as much as we do!

Our unique style of touring allows guests to experience Alaska, and not just pass through it. Each program features a dedicated driver and local Alaskan tour director who is knowledgeable about Alaska's people, culture and each destination.[1].jpg

Join our team...

On staff are a bush pilot, a mountain climber, commercial & sports fishermen, travel writers, educators and many who have completed Alaska's Running of the Reindeer. Our combined experience with living and playing in the Great Land enables Premier to continually be recommended by our worldwide partners.

Tour Directors become Alaskan experts and provide guests with a unique experience, regaling tales of catching barn-door sized halibut, flying over stunning mountains and whitewater rafting in Denali National Park. Tour Drivers operate deluxe motorcoaches, ensuring that guests have a safe experience.

Working for PAT, you will quickly learn that a great Alaska land tour combines the usual with the unusual. Be part of a team that focuses on providing unique Alaska experiences in a very authentic fashion. Whether you seek to drive one of our 80 luxury motorcoaches, lead an exclusive tour across Alaska and the Yukon, or stay close to home in Anchorage or Fairbanks, PAT has something for you.

While PAT employees work hard, they also know how to play hard. Working in the tourism industry definitely has its perks. During days off, employees take advantage of some Alaskan adventures, such as hiking, whitewater rafting, flightseeing around North America's highest peak, or kayaking in Prince William Sound.

Alaska is a land of mystery and is spectacular during any season. The tour season quickly changes from crisp, cool gray springs to sunny, green and blue summers, and ends in a tapestry of rust, gold and orange by fall.

Stick around for the winter and enjoy cross country or downhill skiing, snowshoeing, ice climbing, and much more. As 24-hour daylight transforms into short, dark days, you will have the opportunity to see spectacular Northern Lights and become a spectator of the highly competitive and unforgettable Iditarod Sled Dog Race.